Scholarship Fund

The Academe of the Oaks Scholarship Program provides scholarships to underserved and diverse students living in metro Atlanta. The program gives students an opportunity to attend Academe of the Oaks and cultivate the skills necessary for successful college careers and beyond. Academe believes that students are integral participating members of their communities: school, local, and global. Academe’s interdisciplinary orientation and community focus strengthens the relationship between empathy and responsibility; cultivates deep social connections; and encourages students to affect the world in positive ways. Including students from a range of backgrounds exposes the entire student body to a variety of experiences and perspectives, which, in turn, fosters understanding and empathy.

Academe of the Oaks addresses the non-academic needs of scholarship students to ensure that we support our students’ progress both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes providing guidance counselors; tutoring; financial support for school-related costs above tuition; and English support classes. The success of the program is reflected most clearly in our students’ academic progress and enthusiastic involvement in school activities.

Funding for the Scholarship Program comes from many sources, including, but not limited to: foundation grants; the Tax Credit Scholarship Program; direct donations; and dedicated fundraising events.

Events to support of the Scholarship Program are being planned for the upcoming school year. Please consider attending these events to connect with our community and to contribute to this worthwhile cause.

Your participation in the Tax Credit Scholarship Program; fundraising events; and direct donations to our Scholarship Program allows us to continue to make a difference for our current scholarship students as well as expand our efforts to serve additional qualified students.

Thank you for your continuing support of this important program.