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Academe of the Oaks offers an educational experience—a life experience—unlike any other in the Atlanta area. Academe is small, innovative, and resourceful; it is youth-oriented, courageous, and dedicated to real progress in the world. While respectful of tradition, Academe of the Oaks is not intent upon maintaining the status quo. At Academe, “changing the world” is a daily enterprise. Your donation helps our school to fulfill its mission and prepare our youth to make a difference in the broader community.



The Atlanta area is home to more than one hundred independent schools. Many offer strong academic programs; more than a few offer state-of- the-art facilities, championship athletics, arts, and music. Why do families choose Academe of the Oaks—young, lean, and lively—over well-established, generously-endowed, historically high-achieving schools? What makes Academe of the Oaks so special?

The world of young adulthood is more complex today than it was even a generation ago. Idealism remains a defining quality of adolescence, but the demands of activism have changed. “Local” is no longer homogeneous; even “diversity” is more diverse than it used to be! Contemporary social, political, and economic challenges demand a broader, deeper, more nuanced educational approach. Effective leadership in the twenty-first century will require collaboration across boundaries of race, gender, class, language, geography, religion, and politics.

Academe’s curriculum and culture are inclusive: the school’s student body is intentionally diverse—internationally, linguistically, racially, religiously, politically, socio-economically. Academe students explore the Western canon—histories and literatures of Europe and the Americas; college-preparatory science and mathematics; fine art, classical music, foreign language—but they also study Africa, Asia, and the Middle East; descriptive and projective geometries; environmental science, horticulture, and animal husbandry; blacksmithing, woodworking, and calligraphy; drumming and jazz.

“Making profound and positive contributions” is both means and end, mission and method. Academe’s Service Learning requirement ensures that every student is engaged regularly in service to others. Extending the students’ reach and efficacy is the goal of Academe’s curricular and extra-curricular programs. Contributions to Academe of the Oaks support these programs.

Academe graduates capable, confident, engaged young people, building on the solid foundation of its first decade: a powerful vision; a strong faculty; a proven curriculum; and the robust support of students, parents, and like-minded friends of the school. As an independent, non-profit, educational organization, Academe relies upon the generosity of donors—of individuals and foundations—to bridge the gap between revenue from tuition and fees and the costs of providing a meaningful education.

The School Director and the Board of Trustees are committed to the judicious use of available funds. Tax- deductible contributions to Academe of the Oaks support academic and extra-curricular programs, staff and faculty development, maintenance and expansion of the physical plant, and scholarships. Gifts to the

Endowment Fund and unrestricted gifts support current operations and safeguard the future of Academe of the Oaks.

Annual Fund


Each year, Academe solicits contributions from friends and families in support of general operations, maintenance of the physical plant, and new and on-going programs. Last year, the Annual Fund subsidized new classroom spaces for the humanities, a beautiful art studio, renovation of the chemistry lab, professional development for faculty and staff, and other key projects.

The Annual Fund runs from mid-October through the end of the calendar year; our goal for the 2016 Fund is one-hundred- percent participation from Academe families. 

We urge you to contribute this year to the Annual Fund. Because participation in the Annual Fund is critical to Academe’s success in other fundraising efforts, your gift in any amount really does make a difference.