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Cutting edge education for your child, rooted in rigorous academics and a classical approach. Future leaders and changemakers start here. 

At Academe of the Oaks, our mission is to redefine the high school experience by educating our students to be resourceful, clear, and flexible thinkers, capable of making profound and positive contributions to the fast-changing world they inherit.

Academe is


History and language, mathematics and science—these are made present and internalized through active, material experience.

Academe is


The curriculum is arranged to inspire students in each stage of their development during high school.

Academe is


Students are encouraged to be resourceful, independent, and proactive in solving unfamiliar problems.

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“Our class is like a tight-knit family.”

– Mariah, class of ‘22

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What is a waldorf high school?

A Waldorf high school is a place for students to unfold their potential and find the path that is theirs. It is a place where students excel, ask questions, are curious, interested, and eager to learn. Students are trained to think and see the whole picture. A Waldorf school prepares students to be open minded and flexible, to take initiative, and to be civic minded and compassionate.

Is Academe diverse?

Yes, our high school is very diverse. We also have students from all over Atlanta and from all over the world. You will be able to study and learn with students from many different ethnicities and cultures.

Who will my teachers be?

Your teachers are masters in their subject field. They are passionate about teaching and committed to your success. They are very approachable and happy to give support and answer any questions you might have about the subject.

Where and when can I Study Abroad?

During the 10th grade you have the opportunity to study anywhere in the world where there is a Waldorf high school. Our students have studied in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, Korea and Japan. The exchanges generally last for three months, and of course it also means hosting a Waldorf student from your exchange school.

In what sports can I participate?

You can participate in any sports that Academe offers. We have a no-cut policy, and everyone can participate if their academic performance allows it. We offer co-ed soccer, girls volleyball, girls and boys basketball, boys and girls track and field and co-ed ultimate Frisbee.

What is the campus like?

Our campus is happy, friendly and green. It spans four academic buildings, a modern art studio, our gardens and greenspace, as well as several outdoor classrooms. It is a little bit like a college campus where you will walk to the classroom of your subject teacher. We are home to many chickens, goats, bees, and butterflies. There is a student lounge, numerous benches and outdoor seating areas. It is a wonderful place for students to learn, socialize, and relax.


Yes, Academe offers dual enrollment. Interested junior and senior students are able to take college level classes and earn college credits while being in high school. 

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