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In the ever-evolving social, emotional, and educational needs of teens, Academe of the Oaks shines as a beacon of innovation, where project-based learning takes precedence. Nestled in the heart of Decatur, Academe redefines high school education by prioritizing experiential learning, fostering community, and nurturing multifaceted growth in every student. Link
Innovative High School Education: Academe of the Oaks’ Student-Centric Approach

Decaturish, December 2023

As part of the school’s Amnesty International club, Carlota reached out to Amnesty International and coordinated an educational event aimed at promoting awareness of women’s sexual and reproductive rights. She established a partnership with Planned Parenthood and successfully organized a Zoom event to further educate the community as well as organizing a reproductive rights educational event at Olive & Pine. Link

20 under 20: Carlota De Luna Garza

Rough Draft Atlanta, January 2024

Teens face unique challenges and stressors in today’s world that can impact their overall well-being and academic performance. Located in the heart of Decatur, Academe of the Oaks, prioritizes belonging, community, and all areas of child development, from education to social and emotional needs. Link

Freely Be Yourself and Feel Supported at Decatur’s Top Private High School

Decaturish, April 2023

Riley Wu was just 14 when the screenplay for the feature film When Poet Paint the Rain was complete. It took about a month. Link

Atlanta-based teen screenwriter Riley Wu honored at national film festivals

Arts ATL, January 2023

During her 9th grade year, Naomi participated in the Hope Education Project, which connects Academe of the Oaks students to the refugee community. She worked every Sunday with refugee children, helping them with schoolwork and making them feel welcome. Link

20 Under 20: Honoring students who give back to the community

Rough Draft Atlanta, January 2023

Academe of the Oaks students routinely check the health of their school honey bees with assistance from members of the Tara Beekeepers Association. Link

The Tara Beekeepers Association has been buzzing since 1959

Decaturish, February 2020

To help educate them about the natural part of their world, Academe’s campus includes an apiary with seven functioning hives. “Connecting our students to nature, science, and fostering opportunities for active involvement is at the core of our Waldorf philosophy.” Link

What's the Buzz?

Atlanta Intown, September 2021

As leader of her school’s community service club, Jennifer organizes projects for students, including helping Atlanta’s homeless community in Atlanta with food and clothing drives. Link

Honoring Students Who Give Back

Atlanta Intown, January 2022

Academe of the Oaks senior Lucy Sackin, 18, is a budding social justice advocate and ally to Black and trans women. During the pandemic, Lucy sprang into action following the tragic death of Oluwatoyin Salau, which inspired her to do more by organizing a GoFundMe to fund self-defense items for Black and trans women in Atlanta. Link

The Kids are Alright

Atlanta Intown, January 2021

Academe of the Oaks in Decatur has been abuzz with a new project: beekeeping. The campus is now home to seven hives that offer a range of learning opportunities around science, pollutants, the food chain, and environmental ecosystems.

Big Buzz

Atlanta Magazine, December 2021


January 2019

Ava Wong Selected as 2019 “20 Under 20” Honoree

MAY 2017

The Almajalla Show

SEPT 2017
Douglas Gerwin Sept 2017 flyer

JUNE 2016
Press Release: Georgia’s Waldorf High School Offers Unique Exchange Program

MAR 2016
Press Release: Amir

DEC 2015
Press Release: Academe of the Oaks expands Decatur campus to accommodate more students

FEB 2014
You Say You Want a… What?: Academe Students take on Revolution and Reform (2/28)

JAN 2014
Video Overview of Academe’s Freshman Blacksmithing Class
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Fire, Steel and Freshmen: Academe’s Blacksmithing Class (1/4)

MAY 2013
Seeing is Being: A Glimpse into Academe’s Optics Class (5/9)

APRIL 2013
In Search of Self: Teaching Parzival to High School Juniors (4/5)

MARCH 2013
Teaching Teens About the Middle East (3/1)

JUNE 2012
Taking Physics Outside: High School Students Put Concepts into Practice (6/8)

MAY 2012
Alleged Murderer Found Not-Guilty of Murder and Narcotic Distribution…T
by Academe Students in Mock Trial! (5/17)
High School Seniors Get a Taste of the “Real World” through Internships (5/30)

APRIL 2012
Learning by Doing: Freshmen Experience the Art of Blacksmithing (4/30) 
Mixing It Up: Students Benefit from Teacher’s Unconventional Extra-Curricular Activities (4/16)
Academe of the Oaks Students Celebrate MLK Day with Honors and Activism