Environmental Education - Academe of the Oaks

Environmental Education

Taking care for the environment and the future of our planet is an integral part of our curriculum.

At Academe, as at Waldorf schools around the world, working in the garden, taking care of the goats and chickens, and tending to the bees, students come to recognize themselves as partners in their physical environment.

We strive, at Academe of the Oaks, to empower our students as stewards of the earth, to cultivate their capacities and instincts as responsible human beings on a fragile planet. Academe’s programs encourage careful and compassionate observation and judicious action: the science curriculum integrates theoretical understanding and practical care of the grounds, of the Learning Garden and of the livestock, to bring to students’ conscious awareness our environmental and ecological impact as a community of interdependent beings.

Green Flag Award

In recognition of our consistent use of the Learning Garden as an outdoor classroom and our considered program of “green school” initiatives, the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools USA Program presented to Academe the prestigious Green Flag Award for exceptional achievement in “greening” the physical structures and grounds, conserving natural resources, and integrating environmental education into the curriculum.