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Adolescents today are inheriting a world with multi-faceted challenges. To meet those challenges and solve ever more complex problems, our young men and women will need a strong sense of ethical responsibility, imagination, inner strength, diverse and deep knowledge, and the ability to work and communicate with each other in a global context.

Academe of the Oaks aims to redefine the high school experience by educating students to be resourceful, clear, and flexible thinkers, capable of making profound and positive contributions to the fast-changing world they inherit.

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Non Discrimination Policy

Academe of the Oaks does not rely upon or refer in any way to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation in reviewing applications for admission, nor in establishing and administering its student policies and programs (including financial aid or participation in extra-curricular activities) or according students rights, privileges, and responsibilities. Nor does Academe of the Oaks rely upon any of those characteristics in hiring, firing, or the administration of employee rights and responsibilities, including compensation and promotion.