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Rather than focusing on standardized tests or textbooks, we emphasize active involvement, creative thinking, and the exciting process of intellectual discovery. Education at Academe is meaningful, relevant, rigorous, and fun.

our mission

At Academe of the Oaks, our mission is to redefine the high school experience by educating our students to be resourceful, clear, and flexible thinkers, capable of making profound and positive contributions to the fast-changing world they inherit.

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To meet the challenges that adolescents face today and solve ever more complex problems, our young men and women will need a strong sense of ethical responsibility, imagination, inner strength, diverse and deep knowledge, and the ability to work and communicate with each other in a global context.


Academe of the Oaks aims to redefine the high school experience by educating students to be resourceful, clear, and flexible thinkers, capable of making profound and positive contributions to the fast-changing world they inherit.

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Academe’s unique curriculum and extracurricular programs foster resourcefulness, leadership, and creative problem-solving. Real learning happens when students are engaged in more than one way, and when they feel supported to ask questions and bring academic “subject matter” to life.

our mission

Our college preparatory curriculum immerses students in the sciences, mathematics, and humanities. We support balance in education, combining rigorous academics with the arts and community service. Instead of relying on textbooks, students learn from the original writings of great thinkers, scientists, and leaders.

Founded in 2003, Academe of the Oaks was named for the grove in ancient Greece where Plato held classes and inspired his students. The strength and height of the oak tree is symbolic of the support our students receive as they grow into strong and balanced adults who understand the importance of giving back to their community and the world.

Academe of the Oaks is accredited by the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA), the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). In addition, Academe is a member of the Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) and the Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools (AAAIS).

curriculum overview

Each of the four years in the Waldorf high school curriculum has an underlying theme that supports the students as they develop.

Trains powers of observation with the question: What?

Freshmen learn the powers of observation through a variety of subjects such as Anatomy, Art History, Revolution and Reform, Descriptive Geometry, Organic Chemistry, and Comedy & Tragedy. Students begin to recognize the physical, emotional and intellectual changes happening within themselves.


Trains powers of comparison with the question: How?

Sophomores learn a more formal process of comparing and contrasting ideas found in subjects like History of English, Poetry, Ancient Civilizations, Human Physiology, Surveying, and Greek Geometry. Students begin to identify their own connections with man, nature and the universe.

Trains powers of analysis with the question: Why?

Juniors learn the power of analysis and interpretation through a variety of subjects including Atomic Theory, Projective Geometry, Music History, Astronomy, and the Romantics in Literature. Students develop abstract thinking skills and work with their own inner desire to explore worldviews.


Trains powers of synthesis with the question: Who?

Seniors apply the powers of synthesis to the study of Biochemistry, Modern World History, Calculus, Architecture and Economics. Students select a topic of interest and conduct their own independent studies for their senior project relying on self-discipline and motivation to complete their work.



The structure, rigor, and support of Academe gave me the autonomy and confidence to be successful on whichever path I choose to direct my life. Additionally, I graduated from Academe with the groundedness and clarity to define my own success not only academically and professionally, but also in relationships and my own well-being. Academe taught me to respect and lean into a challenge and it has been these adventures that consistently shape my identity and give my life flavor.”

–EVY KEENEY-RITCHIE (class of 2012)

“Academe provides an atmosphere for open discussion. You feel your opinions are valuable, so you learn to value the views and ideas of everyone else. Your mind develops and you learn so much more because of this openness.”

– academe senior, class of ‘10

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