Academe students soar beyond boundaries, honing their skills of observation and analysis while forging meaningful connections between ideas, cultures, and communities to shape a dynamic and inclusive world.

Naomi Stinnett


“I’ve gained knowledge in different ways that I can best help communities, which has given me a chance to become a confident leader. Being a leader requires you to give an excellent representation of everything our society should be doing and help guide followers to become leaders with you.”

– Naomi, Class of 2023

community service

Through our curriculum’s community service component, students experience firsthand the impact they can make. It fosters social consciousness, camaraderie, and a deep sense of responsibility.

We cultivate a moral compass, encouraging students to channel their natural inclination to help others and create positive change.

Each grade completes forty hours of service per year, with twenty hours allowed to be served in-house. However, our students often exceed these requirements, dedicating themselves to serving others. Over four years, students document a minimum of 160 service hours.

Our student-led Community Service Club spearheads impactful projects in the community, such as food and clothing drives and aiding the homeless. Together, we embrace the belief that by serving others, we can shape a better world.

Student Quilt
Chalkboard Students

global nomads group

Juniors and seniors at Academe join the Global Nomads Group, an international organization promoting communication between communities that are not likely otherwise to have any contact with one another.

Through video-conferencing, students engage with students in Jordan, Turkey, Africa, and countries across the world combating misconceptions and building empathy.

Academe’s committed Global Nomads strive for positive social change, gathering before dawn to connect, learn social norms, and navigate cultural differences. Their shared goals are to foster understanding and engage their communities. As part of a youth-driven diplomatic effort, our Nomads contribute to a global mission of peace.

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