Academe of the Oaks is located at 146 New Street in Decatur, Georgia. Just three blocks east of Agnes Scott College and one block west of the Avondale Marta Statio. The private high school campus consists of four renovated buildings at the end of New Street.

The campus is happy and unconventional, giving the impression of a college setting where students walk to meet their professors in their classrooms.

The 146 building houses the faculty/administrative offices.

The 148 building, known as the Loft, contains the student lounge as well as a large multi-purpose room that is used for music, movement, art shows, festivals, dances, recitals, and lectures.

The 154 building is the science building and houses the Chemistry/Physics and Biology science labs.

The 149 building is the place for humanities and art. The covered outdoor space is a beautiful gathering place for the students.

Classrooms are not limited to indoor space. A raised pavilion accommodates basketball, volleyball and other outdoor activities. An outdoor classroom and butterfly garden provide opportunities for teaching in a wooded environment. A small Tuscan garden and a thriving vegetable garden complete with bee hives and a chicken and goat barn round out the current campus.