Tax Credit Scholarship Program

The State of Georgia allows taxpayers to direct a portion of state income taxes to support Academe of the Oaks’ financial aid program. This program allows us to provide an excellent education to members of the community who would not otherwise be able to afford the Academe experience. By redirecting tax dollars (that you must pay anyway) you can help maximize financial aid for deserving students at Academe. The Georgia legislature has placed an annual cap on the total amountof tax credits that may be awarded through this program, making early application essential.

Academe partners with Apogee Scholarship Fund to provide this opportunity and applications can be completed online in just a few minutes at

Tax Credit Limits have been INCREASED, effective 2023!

Tax Filing status new limit
Single Filer $2,500
Married Separate filer $2,500
Married Joint Filer $5,000
Pass-Through Owner (Not Making HB 149 Election) $25,000
C Corp, Trust, Or Pass-Through Electing To Pay Tax At The Entity Level (HB 149) 75% of annual tax liability

Need more information? If you have additional questions about the program, you can find more information at or contact John Panessa at (404) 419-7123 or



Apply online at (no later than December 15th to ensure participation).


On the first business day in January, Apogee Scholarship Fund will submit your application. In January, you will receive an approval notice from the Georgia Department of Revenue.


You will have 60 (sixty) days to make your approved contribution to Apogee Scholarship Fund (typically mid-March). Contributions can be made by check or online.

Tax Credit

In the summer, you will receive Form IT-QEE-SS01 for claiming your tax credit. Use this form to claim your tax credit on your annual Georgia income tax return.


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