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Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Academe of the Oaks grows from a core set of values that includes providing quality education to members of the community who would not otherwise be able to afford the Academe experience. Scholarship funding enables us to live by our goals and standards. Academe raises funds for scholarship through individual donations, targeted fundraising events, foundation grants and the Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

The Tax Credit Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for taxpayers to receive dollar-for- dollar state tax credits in exchange for contributions to a state-approved Student Scholarship Organization, or SSO. Academe partners with Apogee Scholarship Fund, an SSO, to allow those tax credits to be directed to the scholarship fund at our school. Since 2011, the Academe community has raised over $250,000 through this program.

Here’s how it works:

  • As a taxpayer, you may elect to divert some or all of your state tax liability to Academe of the Oaks through the scholarship program (within the limits described below)
  • The state of Georgia will issue you an income tax credit in the full amount of your contribution.

The maximum amount you may contribute depends upon your tax filing status:

Married, Filing Jointly: $2,500

Individual Filer: $1,000

Married, Filing Separately: $1,250

Individuals who receive pass-through income (S-Corps, LLCs): $10,000

C-Corporations: 75% of Georgia tax liability


Tax credits for the 2021 tax year are still available! To ensure your participation and to support scholarships at Academe, apply now.


We encourage you to forward this information to others—grandparents, family, friends, colleagues—who anticipate a Georgia tax liability and who might be interested in diverting a portion of their tax payments to Academe of the Oaks.

Need more information? Have questions about tax changes for 2019 (and beyond)?

If you have additional questions about the program, you can find more information at www.apogee123.org or contact John Panessa at  (404) 419-7123, or jpanessa@apogee360.com

For a discussion of the implications of recent IRS and Department of Revenue rulings on your taxes for 2019 and beyond, visit here.

Thank you for supporting scholarship students at Academe!