What makes Academe students different? 

Our students are highly driven with a dedication to excellence. They aspire to learn and achieve greatness. Excelling academically, our students understand that learning doesn’t end in the classroom. Their knowledge is displayed in real-world situations, as they think critically and process information to discover solutions. 

Our students aren’t afraid to ask hard questions. They seek and desire wisdom. Academe students are well-rounded and excited about others and our planet. They are true difference makers & world-changers.

Academe students are seen and heard for who they are as unique individuals. Our small class sizes and tight-knit community ensures that your child is recognized for their abilities and accomplishments, yet given ample support and opportunity to grow in weak areas.

Every Academe student has a faculty advisor, working 1:1 with your student in individualized goal-setting. Our educational environment is intentionally designed to support and grow each student, offering flexibility should a student need the space during time of illness or adjustment.

In addition to our nurturing atmosphere, Academe provides counseling and executive counseling services to support each student’s unique needs.

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With a Student-Teacher ratio of 1:10, Academe is a boutique private high school serving an average of 10-20 students per class. We offer an incredible curriculum and a challenging learning environment for all enrolled in our academic program.

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Despite being 100 years old, Waldorf education is cutting edge, modern, and ever adapting to our changing world. Curriculum is developmentally based, including rigorous curriculum for science, math, humanities, languages, as well as fine and practical arts. In addition, The Academe Waldorf High School program includes technology, computer science, programming, and other forward-thinking curriculum.

Academe of the Oaks is a fully accredited Waldorf High School, and the only Waldorf High School in the state of Georgia. A proud member of a growing international movement, the Waldorf education (founded in 1919) offers a proven and successful educational model. Structured, developed, and evolving, the Waldorf studies at Academe focus on creating well-rounded thinkers, as it adapts to the ever-changing world around us.

Academe’s curriculum offers a classical education with a modern approach. The curriculum is challenging, innovative, engaging, and college preparatory. The students are engaged in project-based learning and interdisciplinary learning in all subjects. Instead of textbook learning, our students learn from primary source documents. Students learn to create their own textbooks which intensifies their knowledge of the subject.

Project-based learning

The Project-Based learning methods of Academe utilize various ways of delivering information to address all types of unique student learning styles and needs.

Academe is proud of our long-standing and engaging project-based learning. Never purchased from a prefabricated kit, our projects are real and unique projects directly reflective of our curriculum. Our project assignments prepare students for the real world, teach them life skills, and prepare them for applicable life experiences. Our mission is to provide our students with the tools they need to prepare them for the changes and challenges they will encounter in our ever-evolving world.

Academe students learn first-hand how to be creative and innovative, solving intentional problems where they must work to find solutions themselves or as a team.


Academe curriculum is STEAM-based, connecting science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. Our science curriculum is unique, offering biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science in each of the four years. The technology program includes computer science, coding, research tools, and film and video productions.

Engineering is reflected in physics and mathematics in student-driven projects.

Academe education features a strong arts focus. Arts are taught at every grade level and for all students. Art forms, techniques, history and other topics are interwoven into other discipline areas. An example may be creating illustrations for a textbook.

Mathematics is another foundational curriculum of Academe, as students are challenged to reach their highest potential. Honors college calculus is available to high-achieving high school seniors. Higher level mathematics courses may also be taken through dual enrollment courses at our nearby colleges and universities.


Academe faculty share a deep passion and commitment for guiding and supporting our students, challenging them to achievement and success. All full-time teachers have an advanced degree in their subject area. The teaching method is engaging and interesting with the commitment to the success of each student. Our teachers are compassionate and have set their goal to have each student realize their full potential.

college prep

We have a history of successful college placement. We offer an individualized, professional college counseling program. We have a 100% graduation rate with a 100% college acceptance. 90% of our graduates are accepted to their first-choice college with substantial scholarship packets.



Dual enrollment is offered for junior and senior students at Academe of the Oaks. Our college counselor guides the process, empowering students to a path of success. 


While we do not offer AP classes, our curriculum is based on a level that allows students to take AP exams. We offer AP exams in any subject during the first two weeks of May. Faculty members help to prepare interested students for the exams.



Homework assignments take on an average of about two hours per day. Most of the assignments are long-term and teach time management. Homework assignments are meaningful, interesting and enforce learning in the subject.


Class size is on average 15 -20 per grade. Some classes such as math and language are based on abilities with about 10 students or less.


While we do not offer AP classes, our curriculum is based on a level that allows students to take AP exams. We offer AP exams in any subject during the first two weeks of May. Faculty members help to prepare interested students for the exams.



All Academe senior students are engaged in a business internship. The internship is in connection with their economic studies and provides real-world experiences. Grade 10 students have the great opportunity to do a social practicum at homeless prevention centers, nursing homes, and day-care centers.



The variety of clubs is unique at our high school. The clubs are student founded and driven. The clubs train leadership skills, organization, accountability, innovation and are fun. The clubs range from feminist club, science, chess, drama, fencing, international, green, service, bees, Amnesty International and more.


The trips enforce the in-the-field learning and are fun. Each grade goes on a week-long trip that is related to an academic subject. The seniors for example study marine biology in Maine along with 150 other Waldorf senior classes. 

In addition to the weeklong trips, our faculty take the students on day or short overnight trips to enforce their studies. For example, the senior solo in response to the study of the transcendentalists, stargazing during astronomy, a visit to a university lab during biochemistry, plays at local theaters, and a visit to a power plant during a physics course.


Senior Internship opportunities

Years of college-prep curriculum




of students are accepted to the college of their choice

million in merit scholarships awarded over four years to class of 2020



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