Tuition & Fees - Academe of the Oaks

Tuition and Fees

Academe of the Oaks uses TADS as our tuition management partner. Through this plan, all families have their tuition automatically paid from their checking account regardless of the chosen payment plan, and TADS forwards the collections to the school.

Parents may choose either a monthly, semi-annual, or annual tuition plan. Tuition payments begin in July.

Financial Assistance

The mission of Academe of the Oaks is to offer a Waldorf high school education to as many students as possible. The school’s financial aid and scholarship program strives to increase the school’s economic and ethnic diversity, and to give, whenever possible, accepted students the opportunity to enroll. Academe of the Oaks does not grant financial aid based on a student’s special academic, athletic, or artistic talent, but instead focuses its financial aid budget on economic need.

Academe of the Oaks has a set budget each year for financial aid. Families must apply for financial aid in writing. Eligibility for financial aid will be carefully reviewed by the Finance Team of the Board of Trustees. For families to be considered for financial aid, all parents must be fully employed.

Families considering financial aid should contact the school’s office to request the necessary information. Academe of the Oaks uses TADS to process financial aid applications.


Based on the financial information parents provide, TADS gives Academe an estimated amount that a family can contribute to educational expenses. This helps Academe make fair and objective financial aid decisions. In addition to completing the online TADS form, parents must also submit the most recent tax return filed by both parents. The deadline for submitting a financial aid application for the 2021-2022 school year is Friday, February 19, 2021.