Academe of the Oaks welcomes students who are curious, thoughtful, and eager to learn. Our student body is a vibrant and energetic group of diverse young people, each contributing a wealth of educational and life experience to the school day. We enroll students from neighborhoods all over the Metro Atlanta area, and we host international students from around the world.

Our students have won many honors and awards, including Governor’s Honors, University Book Awards, TrigStar, All-State, and National Merit Scholarships.

One quality all our students share is a desire for intellectual exploration and discovery within a challenging educational environment.

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What Academe students are saying:

“Academe inspired me to discover new talents and interests I never thought I had.” —Senior

One of the most important things about Academe is that I learned not only from my teachers, but also from my peers. This is a school, a community, and a family.” —Senior

“At the end of the day, I have more of an understanding of the world, and I have a feeling that I have just discovered a whole new meaning in life.” —Sophomore

I like the way the classes are set up. The main lesson block lets us get immersed in our subjects. Sometimes, I’m so involved that I don’t feel like I’m studying.” —Freshman