Parent Testimonials


Here’s what parents had to say about choosing Academe of the Oaks for their child.


“Academe is the perfect school for our daughter. We made the decision after exploring private schools over a two-year period and Academe was our first choice as we started the process.

On decision day, with several acceptance offers from other schools it was easy to select Academe.

We discovered academic rigor was the common denominator in all the applied schools. The key was finding the right fit for our family. Academe is a place our daughter is growing academically and socially. It’s a perfect for her personality. The size of the school was a major factor in our decision. Academe is a small school with strong humanities, science, and math departments. In addition to academics, Academe offer several athletic and extra-curricular activities for students.

Experiential learning is the second factor that sold us on Academe. Students gained real world experiences through project-based work, learning in the field and opportunities to study abroad to enhance the learning process. The learning experience extends beyond the classroom. Students are required to complete volunteer hours. Students are taught the importance of giving back to the community.

Academe has a unique way of integrating all grade levels during Project Week and January Term. It is a great way for underclassmen to connect with upperclassmen in the classroom. This is one of many ways Academe builds a strong community. The faculty and staff are the best. Every student is assigned a faculty mentor. Our mentor was effective in developing a strategy with us for our daughter to succeed. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile.

Academe is one of the best investments we made for our daughter. Academe is not only a school, but a family. We are proud to be a part of the Academe family.”

– James M., Academe Parent

“We really love Academe of the Oaks. The campus is fun, welcoming, beautiful and educational. The faculty is warm, inspiring, and passionate about teaching. It has been a great choice for our son. We are so fortunate to have this fantastic little high school as a choice and to be a part of this amazing community.”

– Jena D. Academe Parent

“My wife and I are guardians for a rising 10th grade student whose family are refugees from Rwanda. She now has experienced a year of an Academe education and it has opened her mind and her heart in extraordinary ways. My wife and I have spent a lifetime in education and Academe has as its core philosophy what we deeply believe is essential for quality education: giving students ownership of their learning, allowing each classroom to be a place of discovery, insisting more on getting the question right than getting the answer right, providing encouragement and direction for the development of character and purpose. The teachers are passionate about their profession and passionate about providing an environment for the intellectual and ethical growth of their students. They do this both through the quality of their instruction and the quality of their relationships. We are deeply grateful that our “daughter” has the opportunity to go to Academe and that she is cherished for her promise as a student and as a human being.”

– Peter C., Academe Parent

“Academe is a special place. The faculty are outstanding, and the curriculum has “brought the best” out of my daughter, challenging her to excel in classes that she previously did not consider her strong topics. The curriculum reminds me of a classical education model, where they seek to understand the world from broad perspectives of history, literature, culture, and science. I also appreciate how the arts of all forms are embraced for all 4 years in the curriculum.”

-Robert B., Academe Parent

“Academe of the Oaks is an outstanding high school experience. The school’s particular strengths are the outstanding faculty that make themselves readily available for students, a responsive administration, and rigorous college prep curricula that teaches critical thinking.

Students are required to work hard and are challenged to take classes they would probably not choose themselves, but typically with great outcomes. There is a lot of required homework and writing, but it pays off for students.”

-Mary K., Academe Parent

“Academe provides a rigorous, well rounded education in a nurturing environment that helps support each student’s academic and social development. Its small size allows for plenty of close interaction with the faculty, and a close-knit student body. The faculty is uniformly excellent—many of the teachers have PhDs—and the courses offered are wide-ranging and very well balanced between STEM, humanities, and the arts. Students are expected to work hard.

The student body is diverse, reflecting the world around us. And annual class trips offered provide incredible opportunities to expand students’ points-of-view and support their growth. Our student is a rising Junior, and we couldn’t imagine a better high school experience.”

-Academe parent via Niche

“Academe has been a perfect fit for my daughter. Small school with a family atmosphere, excellent teachers, great curriculum, and lots of extracurricular activities. The exchange program in 10th grade was an amazing experience for the whole family, my child gained so much fluency in Spanish and enjoyed her time in Spain, and we enjoyed having having a second daughter when her exchange partner was with us. As my daughter gets ready to start her senior year, we’ve really appreciated the college counselor and look forward to the senior project and internship.”

-Academe Parent via Niche