COVID-19 Update  7/9/2020: 

The Academe faculty and staff is looking forward to the new school year. We’re excited to welcome all the new and returning students. While it will be a different experience for us on how we conduct school, we are embracing the changes and cannot wait to work with our students. 

Our faculty and healthcare task force has been working throughout the summer to ensure the safety and health of our community while providing the same high quality education.

The fact that we are a small high school gives us the uttermost flexibility on how we interact with our students and how many students can be on campus at any given time. We’ve adapted our project based and interactive curriculum so that it can be successfully applied online or in person. Our beautiful campus and Learning Garden can accommodate as much outside learning as needed. 

We intend to open the school on August 17th (if the situation allows it) with a small group of students at first and then include more students on campus on a rotating basis. All the lessons will be live streamlined for the students who cannot be on campus in person. More information is forthcoming.

We have a task force of healthcare professionals, parents, faculty and administration in place to work on the school re-opening plan. This group is responsible for scenario planning, health and safety implementations, financial and legal implications, curriculum planning, facilities planning and communication. We are fortunate to have such a great team in place who ensures the health and safety of our students, faculty and community.