COVID-19 - Academe of the Oaks

COVID-19 Update 8/31/2020: 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our highest priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. Academe’s COVID-19 Task Force worked throughout the summer considering school re-opening scenarios, and developed health and safety protocols. Our decision to teach online for the first few of weeks is informed by the work of our Task Force. While Academe monitors other school closings, we will continue to make decisions informed by expert guidance and based on our school’s unique needs and situation. Academe of the Oaks COVID-19 Task Force is monitoring current conditions and has protocols ready for a hybrid return to campus when possible.

The hybrid learning model means that students in small groups and on a rotating basis will alternate between attending classes on campus and online. To better facilitate online learning, the school invested in high quality webcams and microphones ensuring the best possible live streaming of lessons. And of course, everyone knows that our beautiful campus invites outside teaching and learning. Our noisy goats and chickens would not mind the company. We realize that parents are working hard to support education at home, and we know that students learn better when they are together sharing and socializing.

No matter what the learning model, we are ready to meet the challenges of the current crisis. Academe of the Oaks re-defines the high school experience because we are flexible and dynamic. No matter what the format or online medium, we are guided by our core values. We are committed to maintaining an education that meets our students’ needs and leads them to be lifelong learners. We are committed to finding ways to make online learning an experimental process that leads students to discover unique insights in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, foreign language, music and arts. We know that now is the time to help our students develop a sense of agency, resiliency, and leadership.

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