COVID-19 - Academe of the Oaks

COVID-19 Update 10/30/20

We’re currently using the hybrid learning model. This means that some students will learn in person on campus and the rest of the students will learn online from home.  The students will rotate weekly between on campus and online learning. All the lessons are live streamed for the students who choose to continue learning online.


Following the CDC guidelines, we have all the safety measures and protocols in place, and limited the student number to 10 per room.  Students are kept in cohorts with no intermingling between each group, and are using the outdoor classrooms in small groups if possible. To better facilitate online learning, the school invested in high quality webcams and microphones ensuring the best possible live streaming of lessons. The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff remains our top priority.  


No matter what the learning model, we are ready to meet the challenges of the current crisis. Academe of the Oaks re-defines the high school experience because we are flexible and dynamic. No matter what the format or online medium, we are guided by our core values. We are committed to maintaining an education that meets our students’ needs and leads them to be lifelong learners. We are committed to finding ways to make online learning an experimental process that leads students to discover unique insights in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, foreign language, music and arts. We know that now is the time to help our students develop a sense of agency, resiliency, and leadership.


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