Summer Coding Camp

Start Code Camps at Academe for Ages 8-18

Start Code offers several coding summer camps at Academe. Middle and high school students can enroll in Summer Coding Camp which focuses on Python and Java. Make games, simulations, interactive stories and multimedia art using multiple languages. With a project-based curriculum, students may focus on the languages they find most interesting. Make, play, and learn about game development in the Game Design Camp (also grades 6-12). The camp focuses on both coding and game design techniques including prototyping, level design, collision detection, and animation.

Elementary and middle school students may join the Minecraft Java Camp. By modifying a Minecraft world with Java, the concepts of object-oriented programming are less abstract, more tangible, and easier to pick up. The camp is approachable by both beginning coders and fast learners with some prior coding experience. There are two levels of age groups for the camp, ages 8-11 and 11-14 so students are grouped with peers. The older group will also be able to go more in depth on coding concepts and lessons.

More info and registration is available on the Start Code website.