Academe Goaties

Chloe – October 17, 2018

The goats at Academe of the Oaks are all loving and funny animals who we love greatly. Gwynnie and Percy are twins, and Lance is their younger half brother. They were all shy at first, but since we got them, they have opened up and shown their distinct personalities. 

Gwynivere (Gwynnie)

My name is Gwynnie, and I am Percy’s twin. When Academe took me in, I was shy and got sick a lot. It took me a while to trust people, but I am so glad I did because my caretakers helped me get better. I am now healthy and happy. I am still a little timid, but I like meeting new people. Please be gentle with me!

Percival (Percy)

I am the big and tough Percy. I have always been the biggest of my siblings. I am really friendly, but I like to play rough. I will come right up to you and ask you to pet me or play with me. I always mistake hair for hay, so keep it out of my face. I might look like I am being mean to my siblings, but I am just playing and showing my love in my own special way.

Lancelot (Lance)

It’s me, the baby brother. I am a little younger than Percy and Gwynnie. I took a long time to trust people, but now I am a happy little boy. I have one of the most vibrant personalities. If you want to play with me, be gentle at first, but then I will open right up! I can be kind of a lap-goat, so be warned of my hooves!

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