Academe’s Project Week mixed students from all the grades into new groups, and challenged them to generate a creative response to the theme “Citizen.” What at first may have seemed a vague notion quickly transformed into student led investigations of topics including; immigration, voting rights, refugees, segregation, and global citizenship.

Over the course of the week, the groups spread out from campus searching for evidence of what the word citizen means. One group travelled to Ga State University to interview college students, another group interviewed veterans at the Atlanta History Center, and another went all the way to Montgomery, Alabama to visit the Legacy Museum and investigate racism’s effects on citizenship.

On Friday the groups came together to share the results of their research. From documentary films, painting a mural, compiling statistical data from surveys, to creating a walk through museum exhibit, each group found creative ways to represent the insights gleaned and lessons learned. The creativity and academic rigor displayed by our students was amazing and validates our core belief that education should be collaborative, experiential, and led by authentic inquiry.

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