The first trip in the school year at Academe, aside from the beginning of the school year trip, is the 12th-grade trip to Hermit Island, Maine. This trip is a chance to create community with other Waldorf seniors from across the nation and immerse oneself in the island’s ecology. This year, the Maine trip went from September 12th-16th.

Over the week, we had classes and activities throughout the day. Every day we woke up early to see the tide pools on the island, before even having breakfast. After breakfast, we had Main Lessons on different marine animal phyla that we had seen at the tide pools, taught by different biology teachers from different schools. In the afternoon, after lunch, we had different labs including Beach and Dune ecology, Microscope, Painting, and Sea Poetry taught by our own Mr. Pelham. The days ended with fun activities and campfires. Many of us met and bonded with students from other schools and stayed connected.

The trip was a major experience in my life and my classmates’ lives.

Article by Z. (12th Grade)

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