Academe is a Green-certified school and our students are at the heart of Academe’s environmental initiatives. We have incorporated environmental science into the curriculum and expanded our gardening program to include animal husbandry.  Our students tend to honeybee hives, a number of chickens and three of the cutest baby goats, Percy, Lance, and Biggie. And the cute goats are the ones that keep our animal team quite busy recently. It turned out that we received the babies at a too young of an age (six weeks) and the cold and rainy spring did not provide the best conditions. Under the loving care of Keif Schleifer, our animal care team has learned how to feed the babies with the bottle. Our animal care team is taking their responsibility very seriously and they make sure that the goats and the chickens are cared for on a daily basis. The goats are so tame and it easy to take them on a walk or just give them hugs, which they love.

We are fortunate that we can offer this kind of important experience to our students. It is beautiful to learn about life cycles first hand while practicing consistency, responsibility and care taking with empathy.

Our green club and the animal care team would love to invite kindergarten and elementary school children to our campus to let them pet the goats and learn.


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