Our Academe beekeepers were quite busy this week. One of the beehives was a little upset, bees were flying all over, and it looked like that they might swarm. But luckily this was not the case. Our beekeepers realized that the bees were just very hungry for some reason – there might not be enough pollen out right now- but they calmed down after they were fed fresh sugar water every day.

One of the beekeepers was stung, but it was not a big deal because Yenat and Isabella mixed a remedy based on an old recipe. The solution is called propolis. It contains Isopropyl alcohol and propolis.  Propolis is a bee glue like substance used to seal the holes and gaps in the wood of the hives.  It has many medicinal uses and is highly popular amongst European beekeepers.  Propolis can help with bee stings, acne, burns, colds and infections.

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