Bonnie Manaskie Evans


Bonnie Manaskie Evans earned her B.A. in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, her Master of Arts in Teaching (Secondary Level Mathematics) from Kennesaw State University, and her Pharm.D. from the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy. 

Dr. Evans has experience in both mathematics and science education at public and independent secondary schools, including at the Advanced Placement level (AP Environmental Science). At the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy, she was well-recognized for always asking questions. After earning her pharmacy doctorate and working in pharmacy for five years, Dr. Evans’ continued passion for teaching and learning with bright young people led her to return to teaching at Academe of the Oaks.

Her hobbies include yoga and singing, as well as cooking and eating delicious food from around the world. She is planning to complete a yoga teacher training course soon and hopes to offer elective courses in Indian Philosophy and Yoga at Academe in the future.

Her loves include her son Seph, her husband Jason, and her dog Jodi, a pitt/terrier mix who rescued the Evans family.