We continue to work with the refugee families every Sunday. We are so blessed to be able to do this work with our students. We feel that we can make a difference for these families. But it goes both ways because we also receive a lot from the families and we learn a lot. It is the human to human connection that is profound.

And this year, we have even more families than last year. Gigi Tindle, the wife of Andy Sielaff (our facilities manager) has agreed to drive to Clarkston every Sunday to pick up families who do not have a car. Thank you, Gigi, for doing this for us.

And Andy Sielaff built three beautiful raised planting beds for our Syrian friends. We began planting last Sunday. So, gardening is now one of our activities that we do with the families. And coincidentally one of the families had a farm back home and the planting was a special joy for them.

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