Our school has an amazing and very well-established exchange program that cultivates social and cultural inclusivity and builds resilience by giving our students an opportunity to negotiate life in a foreign country on their own. Through this program, our students expand their worldview by delving into the language and culture of another country. Participating in an exchange is both exciting and challenging for high school students, strengthening self-reliance, promoting independence and confidence in the ability to meet new challenges. We have sister schools in Japan, Israel, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Italy, Germany, France and Spain. This year in particular we have a very lively exchange program. We have hosted many students from around the world during the first semester and now ten of our students will leave for their three-month journeys to France, Italy, Spain and Germany. We wish them a wonderful experience. Upon return the students share some of their experiences in a presentation to their schoolmates. Brandon has returned from his exchange to Japan and we cannot wait to hear his presentation.

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