Mr. Martinez and the BSA put together a presentation celebrating Dr. King’s legacy, his values, and those who continue the work of making the dream of racial equality, and a just society a reality

On Friday the 15th, Academe students and faculty joined the BSA in a Zoom town hall to reflect on the lessons of the Civil Rights Movement. Ammanu Dawit, Lorne Steedley, Leilani Watson, Mariah, and Jonathan  put together a presentation identifying essential elements of Dr. King’s legacy. They reminded us of the ways in which Dr. King’s life work demonstrated a commitment to justice, equality, and peace with the personal attributes of courage, determination, and compassion. Mr. Martinez and the BSA students invited the town hall participants to discuss the ways we find those values represented in our community and in ourselves.

In years past, we have looked to experts beyond the school to share their understanding of MLK Day. This year, the BSA’s excellent presentation reminds us that sometimes we find what we most need to know by looking within. Our thanks to Mr. Martinez and the BSA for demonstrating the values we cherish and showing the kind of leadership that gives one hope for a better future.


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