Our freshmen are in the last week of their organic chemistry block taught by Dr. Wyman. This is usually the first block taught to the 9th graders. It asks a lot from the students in terms of thinking and studying, but it also helps them to ease into the high school level work. In addition to lecture, the courser has ample hands on lab activities and research components. But the difference this year is that the course is taught on Zoom. One could question our hands on approach to teaching science on Zoom. But the fact is that there are a lot of projects and experiments going on right now. The 9th graders are doing them at home with some supervision of the parents if the experiment is getting a bit ‘dangerous’.  Last week the freshmen measured displacement to calculate density, produced and tested carbon dioxide and oxygen gases.  It does ask for creativity and for a lot of extra planning from their teacher.  Dr. Wyman has prepared science kits for the students to take home and the students will be asked again to pick up more supplies in a few days. We want to give our students the most authentic and engaging learning experience as possible during the online learning time.

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