During J-term, our students embarked on the world of Podcasting under the direction of Andee Salas and Tara Wyman.  Our students formed groups, chose a theme, and got down to business.  Our Podcasts are named Senioritis: Technically Adults, In the Tea Zone with Dylan and Sam, Amateur’s Guide to Travel, It’s Not a Small World After All, ConspiraTea, That One Film Podcast, and Into the Ether.  Each group was tasked with recording 150 minutes of content broken into as many segments as needed.  To begin, scripts were written, then content recorded.  The students learned how to edit their recordings.  Once the recordings were edited our two Podcast technical managers uploaded the content to the website they created for the elective.  https://newstreetmedia.wixsite.com/oaks  In addition to learning to create, write and record their podcasts, the students also learned how to market their podcasts.  They were tasked with writing content for the website, working hootsuite, mailchimp, canva, anchor, and spotify all to get their podcasts out there.  Please follow the link above to go the website and give our podcasts a listen.  They’re super!  We even had some cross curricular interaction when Mr. Lotito’s songwriting students recorded the theme song for ConspiraTea.       

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