Eight Reasons to go on the Puerto Rico trip

Ava 10/6/18

Last year, student from Academe went on a service trip to Guatemala and this year you have the chance to be involved in something similar! This year, our school is offering a trip to Puerto Rico and everyone is welcome to join! Ms. Salas and another chaperone will take students on a trip to Puerto Rico for six days during our February break.

Here are eight reasons you should go on the trip:

  1. Students will help bring back plant life to island after the hurricanes.

Students would be working to protect lands of high ecological value. The organization that students will work for is trying to create a sustainable future for Puerto Rico. In addition to the service work, you would also be learning about the environment and the variations of land there. The island has everything from beaches, wetlands, mangroves, salt flats, and rain forests. Students will also have the chance to visit a coffee and sugar plantation.

The work ranges from planting trees and replacing those destroyed in hurricane Maria to picking up trash on the beach. Some other opportunities include working in the tree nursery and working with the green iguanas on the island. Students who working with the iguanas, an invasive species to the island, take census of where they live and how many are on the island.

  1. Good beach time during February break

During the February break, it’s still too cold for the beach on the mainland. Especially in Puerto Rico, there will be great weather for this break.

  1. Adventure lover

Aside from the four hours a day of service work, you will have the rest of the day to hiking through rainforests, kayak, explore the city. The trip is very active. Smaller trips through the country are lead by the organization (non profit).

  1. Service Hours

Every year at Academe students are responsible for 40 hours of service work. Through this trip, you would receive an estimate of 15 to 20 hours over a six day trip working with Para la Naturaleza.


  1. History of Puerto Rico’s Old San Juan

This is also a trip for those who are interested in history. Students will have the chance to visit San Juan Water Works, an aqueduct from the Spanish Period, largest telescope in world which was used to get the first image of asteroid, walk around Old San Juan, and so much more.

  1. Language

Students who go on the trip will have the chance to practice their Spanish without going on an exchange. Those student who don’t speak Spanish well or choose not to practice it won’t have a problem as so many people speak fluent English there.

  1. Meet new people!

The Puerto Rico trip is the first trip that Academe offers that isn’t just your for your class. Go with students across the school and make new friends.

  1. Easy travel, but still the feeling of another place

Puerto Rico is a place so close to home that feels so far. Students will be surrounded by another culture and language while still remaining in the US. To travel to Puerto Rico, students don’t even need a passport, only an ID. In terms of language, students will have the opportunity to practicing spanish but there are also a lots of bilingual people. Going to Puerto Rico is also easy travel. You can use US currency and your debit card. In addition, phone companies usually have service there.

These are only eight reasons to go! In so many ways, this is a great opportunity for all students at Academe.

Contact Ms. Salas if you’re interested. The deadline to express interest is Mid-October.



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