We recognize the importance of learning and practicing public speaking skills. Speaking in front of a group fosters self-confidence and encourages development of the capacity for logical argument and leadership. Therefore, all Academe students are exposed to public speaking in one way or the other. The faculty frequently assign presentations in both main lesson blocks and track classes to train these skills and help the students to be at ease in front of an audience. The Honors A presentations are also an excellent opportunity for speaking and training where the students see a thought through from beginning to end. An Honors A project is a project that allows the students to research and investigate a topic of interest and then teach it to the class. And of course, the plays, the dramatic monologues and the senior projects are excellent opportunities for public speaking. Most recently, the faculty added another platform for speaking. During the Wednesday morning meetings, students have the opportunity to give short speeches about certain topics of interest. The faculty will coach the students ahead of time so that the delivery of the speech is polished and well thought out. So far we had Krissy, Jayda and Julia present their Amnesty International Welcome Refugee Resolution and Andrei spoke about his trip to the international youth conference in Switzerland this summer.

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