We provide opportunities for students to teach themselves by teaching one another, whether presenting their research findings to the class or working in pairs or small groups. A student who needs some help in one subject or another does not need to hire a tutor: we empower our students to help one another.

We have a solid established Spanish tutoring program in place. Students in the Honors Spanish Class participate in a weekly after school program to tutor other Spanish learners. Every week on Wednesdays intensive work sessions can be witnessed. We also have honors math student tutors available for math help on Tuesdays after school. And the English department is in the process of establishing student proof reading and writing support sessions.

We love student driven programs and initiatives at Academe. Teaching and tutoring gives students opportunities to practice communication and leadership skills while helping other students.

Plans are in place to expand the student to student tutoring program by establishing an Academe YouTube channel where students can post instructional videos. The preparation and production of such videos will consolidate learning for both the student-teachers and their schoolmates. We will keep you posted about our success.

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