We are so looking forward to our first Visiting Morning this Wednesday, September 27th!  It is hard to believe that we are already at the beginning of the admissions season. We are expecting quite a number of prospective families this week. It’s such a wonderful experience to welcome the parents and their prospective students. Introducing the school to them and showing off the campus provides a chance to connect with their hopes and goals, and to talk about our vision for the school.

What to Expect

Usually, the program for the Visiting Mornings starts with an introduction and, is followed by a separate program for the students and the parents. If the prospective students would like to, they have the opportunity to visit some classes and meet with the Academe students. The program for the parents begins with an in-depth overview about the curriculum, a tour of the school, and classroom visits. The parents have the opportunity to observe classes which is always one of the highlights of the visit. It happens quite often that the parents are captured by the subject and do not want to leave. Quite often we hear comments like “I wished that I could go back to school, or I wished that I would have gone to a school like this.”

After the tour, the parents and prospective students are together for the final part of the Visiting Morning, the question and answer session with Academe students. If the classroom tour is always a highlight, this session is definitely one as well. I am always so impressed with our Academe students who rise to the occasion and talk to the parents and the students so articulately and with such confidence. It’s obvious that our students are really invested in Academe. Our visitors are always impressed by the students.

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